Armenia, Middle East

ARM01 - Vanadzor Poverty Intervention

The city of Vanadzor was a large chemical production city in the Soviet era. In 1988 there was a huge earthquake in the area that killed tens of thousands of people. The area has not recovered and people are living in extreme conditions. There are many living in ramshackle containers, there are many disturbed and uneducated children and families struggling to survive. - Read More

India, Asia

IND17 - Women's Empowerment Programme

Women in these cultures get very few breaks in life, or for that matter, breaks in a day. They are born to work and are all their lives dependent on men. Their identity is always related to a man. As girls they are treated as a burden and they are traded out of the family as soon as possible to save costs. However, if they can contribute to the family income, everything changes! - Read More

Jordan, Middle East

JOR01 - Manara International - Support of Refugees

Manara (Lighthouse) International is based in Amman, Jordan. They find themselves in a strategic place, a place of refuge for many displaced people from around the Middle East. They have a particular focus on refugees who make up almost one third of Jordan's population. Refugees have come in the past from Palestine, Kuwait, Egypt and Iraq and most recently people fleeing the turmoil in Syria have sought refuge in Jordan. Manara works to assist them with counselling, friendship, food, clothing and other basic essentials. - Read More

Kenya, Africa

KEN12 - Recada

Nyamasore is a sandy area and nothing much grows there without irrigation. People were struggling to live and survive so Grace Abanga began a small loan programme. The impact has been incredible. Farmers are now growing vegetables and earning a living from their gardening. - Read More

Mozambique, Africa

MOZ04 - Tarikhi ya Haakhi (The True Way)

There are some places on earth that are hard places, hard to get to, hard to enter and hard to work in. The land of the Koti people is one of those places on earth. The Koti are a group of people with a very basic lifestyle on the coast of Mozambique. Their children grow up in poverty, living in the sand and eating fish. - Read More

Mozambique, Africa

MOZ04a - Tarikhi ya Haakhi Literacy Programmes

For a number of years BHW has been partnering with Tarikhi ya Haakhi with their church planting work around Angoche. The work is growing and significant numbers of Koti people are becoming Christ followers. Many of the Koti people cannot read their own language or Portuguese so it makes leadership development difficult. - Read More

Pakistan, Asia

PAK01c - Sewing Centre - Faisalabad

The rural people in Pakistan are mainly poor peasants and daily labourers. Most Christian people in these areas are at the bottom of the food chain, the poorest of the poor. This partnership seeks to help them by training women to sew thus enabling them to increase their household income and at the very least to save money on their costs. - Read More

Pakistan, Asia

PAK07 - Brilliant Students Scholarship Fund

This partnership sees the establishment of a fund to assist high performing students get other forms of post-secondary school training. Many Christian young people finish school with good grades but because of poverty at home or not knowing the right people they struggle to get jobs. This programme is to bridge that gap, to get them into good institutions and to the front of the employment line. - Read More

Peru, South America

PER10a - Heirs of Grace

Heirs of Grace is a ministry established by Antonia Yalta, a Segadores missionary, to help forgotten (or neglected) children in tribal communities. Antonia joined Segadores in 1996 and through her cross-cultural experiences, she felt God's call to enter a ministry of sharing God's love to children of exploited and forgotten tribal villages of the jungle. - Read More

South Africa, Africa

SAF01 - Masoyi Home Based Care

Masoyi Home Based Care is the response of Florence Mbokazi and her team to the large numbers of people in the community who are affected by HIV / AIDS. Volunteers visit house bound patients to encourage, assist and care for them. - Read More