India, Asia - Bright Hope English School

Pinkey is a 17 year old girl who has been at the school since February 2010. When she was three her father, who was an alcoholic, died and before running away with another man, her mother sold Pinkey, her four sisters and one brother to a circus in Mumbai. In the circus they had to walk the tight rope while holding a glass ball in their hand and do other acrobatic routines. They were often beaten if they couldn't do what they were asked to do. One day her brother fell off the tight rope and was eaten alive by a tiger and lion in front of Pinkey.

Shortly after that the circus sold her to a family where she worked in the kitchen washing plates. This family then onsold her to another family who were Christians. They treated her well and she was not forced to work there. Pinkey's auntie then found her and bought her back to work in her hotel. A friend of Premila's told her about Pinkey and she contacted the auntie to see if Pinkey could come to live with her.

Another of Pinkey's sisters is also at the hostel and one lives in Nepal, but she has lost contact with her other two sisters and has no idea where they are now.

Despite being 11 years old Pinkey had never been to school before coming to Premila's school. However she loved reading and after just four months in the junior class she was able to be put up a level. She is an extrovert and has lots of friends at the hostel. She loves God and wants to become a preacher when she leaves school.

In 2013 when BHW's India Partnership Facilitators visited, Pinkey led some of the school assembly they attended. At the end of the assembly, when the other children had left, this young lady approached the team and personally thanked them for coming. This was not a pre-rehearsed moment, Pinkey just exhibited a level of maturity and engagement surprising for her age. It was an indication of the level of engagement and encouragement that Premila and her team are giving to these young women. - Find out more about this partnership