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What to do about Terrorism


Recently I returned from a trip overseas. Four of the cities I visited in Europe have, sadly, been the target of Is**mist terrorism over the past few years. The Westminster attack hit shortly before we left. Manchester happened while we travelled and the London Bridge attack occurred while we were still jet lagged after coming home.

Soldiers now patrol the streets of France. British police officers carry submachine guns. Airlines are offering refunds to those too afraid to travel to the UK. What on earth is going on and what do we, as concerned believers, do about it?

Like me, you’ve probably read or watched many journalists speculating about the future and postulating about the best political response. You’ve heard the left say this is an extremist problem, not a M**lim problem. You’ve heard the right say immigration bans or even deportations are the only way to address this worrying problem.

Bright Hope World has a number of partners in the Middle East. They’ve dealt with terrorism of the Is**mist variety for decades. They’ve seen the largest displacement of refugees since the second World War. They’ve fed, clothed, housed, loved and comforted those who have seen their friends and families slaughtered. They live in the shadow of Is**m in a way most of us will never experience.

And their response to all this? None of what is being proposed in the parliaments and newsrooms of the world will bring this terror to an end. Certainly new policies can reduce the number of attacks temporarily, but tolerant policies will be read by Is**mists as weakness to be exploited, and draconian ones will likely disenfranchise nominal M**lims and make them easy targets for radicalising. Instead, the wise and prayerful seem to see things differently. Our partners in the Middle East are mobilising the love of God like never before.

M**lims living in strict M**lim countries are unlikely to be exposed to the Gospel. M**lims that find themselves in more tolerant countries – often as refugees - have a much better chance of hearing the truth and learning that God values mercy and forgiveness, not the slaughter of innocents or the subjugation of the weak. They get a tantalising taste of grace that must be like cool water to a dry soul that has suffered under the rigours of trying to be a good M**lim for an angry god.

Our partners tend to see this great upheaval, tragic though it is, as an opportunity for the people of God to connect with M**lims living in darkness and introduce them to the Light. Trite though it may sound, only fervent prayer and the willingness of Christians – here and in the Middle East - to build relationship with M**lims will break the back of this great evil we are witnessing.

Let us pray the end of this evil comes swiftly.

Fraser Scott
Executive Director

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Bright Hope News

Bright Hope World used to run a national summit every two years in Christchurch to thank our donors and supporters and provide those interested in Bright Hope World with an opportunity to hear what God is doing around the world through our partners.

As we talked to our supporters it became clear that coming all the way down here to the chilly south is not always easy or feasible. So, we figured we’d move to doing regional summits – rather than asking everyone to come to us, we’d go to them!

We ran the first of these last year, and were greatly encouraged by the response and by how much people enjoyed hearing the exciting tales from our partners in the field. This year we’re running four summits:

June 16 in Wellington (Life Centre at 21 Hania St)

June 17 in Palmerston North (Crossroads Church at 220 Church St)

August 26 in Invercargill (Rosedale Chapel at 212 Bourke St)

September 2 in Auckland (Baptist Tabernacle at 429 Queen St)

You can find out more about these events here.



Life Change Story – Healing Miracle, Mozambique


Prayer and Praise


The lady in the photo above is a member of Chrissy and Suzen Lukanga’s church in Mozambique.

After suffering from malaria constantly in 2015 Chrissy and Suzen became suspicious she had HIV and felt she needed to be tested. As she often does, Suzen accompanied the woman to the hospital and unfortunately, the results came back as HIV+.

In early April 2017 this lady started struggling with malaria again and she came to the church for prayer on 23rd April. The following day she went to the hospital for a medical check-up. As the tests were analysed, the nurse who was doing the check-up could not believe what she was seeing – the results were now negative!

The lady herself did not believe when she was told the results and the following day she went to a different health centre just to make sure but the results were the same – NEGATIVE. Glory to God who is working powerfully around the world!

Read more about Chrissy and Suzen Lukanga (MOZ02c and d) here.


We greatly appreciate your prayers for us and our partners.

  1. Pray for wisdom both for our partners in the Middle East and Christians everywhere as we seek to show God’s love to the Muslims around us.
  2. Pray for Chrissy and Suzen as they minister to the poor in their community in Pemba, Mozambique.
  3. Praise God for this lady’s healing from HIV/AIDS.
  4. Pray for the two Summits we are holding in Wellington and Palmerston North on the 16/17th of June. Pray also for our Southland and Auckland summits coming up later in the year.

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