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Bright Hope World is committed, out of concern for the needy, to use donations as cost effectively as possible.

The Job is Not Yet Complete


As we enter a new financial year (April 1st) at Bright Hope World we have to complete a number of compliance forms for various government departments and agencies. It is the time to take stock of how things have progressed in Bright Hope World and consider the work our partners are doing.

We are very grateful to God for what has been achieved over the past twelve months and want to sincerely thank you for your part in this ministry. We’ve recently created a document that serves as a snapshot of our ministry (available here). Some of the highlights are that, through Bright Hope World partners:

  1. 7,406 families are being assisted to provide for themselves
  2. 659 families are accessing microloans
  3. 2,030 people are learning to read and write in literacy classes
  4. 1,332 people are in vocational training

These are very encouraging numbers representing the huge commitment our partners and team have to helping the poorest of the poor. So the question is – are we making progress?

Last week one of our partners was speaking at my church and shared some very challenging statistics about what is happening in Thailand. The great news is that many thousands are no longer bound in slavery and superstition but are joyful followers of Jesus. The number of Christians in Thailand is doubling every 12 years.

This partnership has, over the years, given over a million booklets on the life of Christ to children in 36,000 schools in Thailand and they have never had one rejected or found one discarded. Hundreds of thousands have gone on to complete bible correspondence courses and become Christians all over Thailand.

However, of the 68 million Thais 95% are Buddhist and only 0.5% are Christian. 52 million Buddhist Thais live in villages that do not have a church. 86% of the world’s Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists will never meet a Christian.

Therefore, friends, we have so much to be thankful for BUT the job is not yet complete. Please continue to support our partners as they sow the seeds of the gospel.

Rob Purdue
Executive Chairman

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Bright Hope News

We often get asked at Bright Hope World about our views on poverty – what it is and how you fight it.

In fact, we get asked so often we have a page on our website dedicated to this issue - here.

We’ve recently completed a video – which you’ll find on this page – that explains in about two and a half minutes how we view poverty. For us it’s not just about money, it’s about relationship breakdowns.

This can be a challenging idea for people if you’re not familiar with it, but it has certainly been confirmed by our 25 years’ experience in battling poverty: it all starts with reconciling relationships.

Please check out the video (which you can also view and download from here) and let us know what you think. Feel free also to show this around and start a discussion on a very pressing issue!

We’ve also added a new page to our website to provide a quick glance view of how we operate and the impact we have (as mentioned in Rob’s article). Once again, we put these bits and pieces up in the hope they’ll be useful, so please let us know if we’re on the right track.


Life Change Story – Moriah Discipleship Centre, Kenya


Prayer and Praise


Bill Otieno and his two siblings live in Huruma compound with an uncle and his family. Huruma is a slum area near to Mathare Valley slum. His parents lived in Mathare 4B and both died a few years ago.

After his parents died, Bill went to the hostel at Kariobangi (see here). He then moved to stay with his uncle when he started high school.

Bill got a B-grade pass from secondary school so is eligible to go to university. He plans to do exactly that and study English Literature. He loves poetry. Before starting university, Bill attended the Moriah Discipleship Training Centre (MDTC) for their six-month programme.

Bill always thought his childhood was extremely difficult but he now sees his tragedy has opened up many opportunities that he can develop. He became a Christian at MDTC. Before then he went to church, he learned verses and sang songs but there was no life. At secondary school, he was a “pretty bad boy” but his life has now been transformed.

In the past, he also had a major anger problem but one day at MDTC he had a fight with another boy and that made him realise he had a problem. The programme also helped him to see that he loved language and literature. The career guidance he received at MDTC helped him understand what his real passion is. He already speaks three languages and is now learning Italian!

Bill is now a very gregarious, likeable young man. He is very passionate and has leadership potential.

Read more about Moriah Discipleship Training Centre (KEN06a) here.


We greatly appreciate your prayers for us and our partners.

  1. Thank God for the impact we are able to have through our partners around the world.
  2. Thank God for the inroads being made for the Gospel in Thailand.
  3. Pray that God will send the right people to minister to Hindus, Buddhists and Muslims around the world.
  4. Pray for Bill and all the other students from Mathare Valley slum who are being taken out of the slum to MDTC for 6 months and having life changing experiences.
  5. Pray for the church in Egypt that has suffered two suicide bombings in the last few days. Christians in Egypt are under sustained attacked from ISIS.

End of Financial Year Tax Rebate Receipts


As we have reached the end of the 2016/17 financial year, we will be sending out tax rebate receipts to all our New Zealand donors during the month of April.

If you have changed your postal address in the last year we would appreciate you letting us know either by phone (03 341 0933) or email If you have not received your receipt by the end of April please contact us.

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